LocationSantiago de Compostela (SP)

Year: 2016

Status: Project[/vc_column_text][smartslider3 slider=”9″][vc_column_text]

The theme of this project is to redevelop the last part of the Road to Santiago, from the airport to the cathedral. Visiting the site, I have noticed that there is a close relationship between the path and the water: they flow side-by-side, they get away and closer, they meet, they intersect. For this reason, I wanted these two elements to be the most important of my project. Walking on the Road to Santiago and later analysing the area I realized that the path meets the river in three points. So I decided to create different experiences with the water by multiplying the intersections. Each meeting point was developed in a different way using bridges, crossings on wood trunks or on rocks. The materials employed were wood, stone, earth; natural elements available in the area.